The Worthington Thrift Shop was formed by several Worthington women who wanted to reduce the impact of cancer on their community.  They conceived the idea of a thrift shop to raise money, leading to the establishment of the Worthington Thrift Shop in 1967. An all volunteer staff has managed and operated the shop since its inception. A board was put in place to develop policy and procedures, and for the past 17 years, funds have been donated to the Columbus Cancer Clinic, which is now under the administrative umbrella of Life Care Alliance.

The Worthington Thrift Shop sells donated or consigned gently used clothing, books, household items, CDs, DVDs, collectibles, jewelry, household decor, small appliances, crafts, fabric and much, much more.  

The Worthington Thrift Shop accepts donations of goods, memorials and financial support for its operations (see DONATE).  It also accept consignments of goods (see CONSIGNMENTS) whereby an individual can sell an item at the shop, and if sold during the consignment period, receives 50% of the sales price and the shop retains the other 50%.

The Worthington Thrift Shop recruits volunteers (see VOLUNTEER) to help in the operation of the shop. Those who love retail operations and support the mission of the Worthington Thrift Shop will enjoy the shop environment.